5 Futuristic Wearable Tech Inventions

In today's episode we are highlighting 5 new wearable tech inventions that are paving the way to the future of technology.
0:04 - Kerv - http://kerv.com/ - Kerv is the worlds first ever contact-less payment ring. Allowing for you to leave cash and credit cards at home while making purchases with the scan-of-ring.

1:22 - AMPL - http://ampl-labs.com/ - Smart backpack that doubles as a portable power station, cased inside of water-resistant material with durable shock absorbers.

4:20 - Orphe - http://no-new-folk.com/en/ - The Orphe smart shoes are not only totally stylish and rad, they are also perfect for performers and artists who want to add an element of illumination and synchronicity to their production.

6:16 - DrumPants 2.0 - http://www.drumpants.com/ - Drum Pants allows for you to take the show on the road without any heavy equipment. Rock, hip hop and other genres included.

8:21 - Rufus Cuff - http://rufuslabs.com/ - Rufus Cuff takes the idea of the smart-watch to a whole new level of awesome. This WiFi enabled wrist device is full Android powered with web, apps, and messaging. All on a 3.2-inch touch screen.
Which one of these 5 wearable tech inventions are you planning on getting? Let us know in the comment section below!

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Until next time... Look to the Future!

5. Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses http://www.vuzix.com/UKSITE/consumer/products_m100.html
4. Jawbone UP3 https://jawbone.com/store/buy/up3
3. Pebble Time Watch https://getpebble.com/pebble_time
2.Quell's Band https://www.quellrelief.com/
1. Electrozyme Biosensor http://electrozyme.com/


  1. Heya ϳust wanted to give ʏߋu ɑ rief heas ᥙp and let yoᥙ know a feww of tҺe
    pictures aгen't loading properly. I'm not suгe wɦү but I tҺink its а
    linking issue. I'vᥱ triеd it іn two differᥱnt web browsers and boh shoow tɦe samе outcome.

  2. Informative review. I do hope you'll include the new modular smartwatch from blocks on your next Top Wearable Tech. It will be launched soon. I find this customizable smartwatch very useful and more innovative on everyone's lifestyle. Thanks and keep it up!

  3. You should probably... memorize your script... before filming... so you don't keep talking... like Christopher Walken. Or at least edit out the annoying pauses.

  4. Kerv, see this is why I hate where I live. In Alabama, ppl struggle turning on a goddamn computer. So the tech just isn't there for wireless payments. Sigh....
    Ampl: great idea, but what if your dumbass has all your devices charging in the bag and then you leave it in the diner? I guess nothing can fix dumbass lol

  5. If you seen the hole video there are other amazing products and the Shoos are in my opinion fun and can be a part of cutler

  6. Well ok, i like most of the ideas buuuut the last one, the watch, couldnt you just get a strap thing and put your phone in it? I mean its essentially the same thing XD

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