Atlas Wearables Wristband

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    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Hardware works - but limited phone app and breadth of exercises, February 1, 2016

    This review is from: Atlas Wearables Wristband (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    The Atlas team did a lot of hyping up about the various things this product would be able to do, and to be honest it's been fairly disappointing so far. The hardware works and tracks with an acceptable level of consistency, but there are other issues that make this fairly difficult to work with on a regular basis:
    - The breadth of exercises is actually quite limiting unfortunately. They really played up that you would be able to do include custom exercises, and it wasn't until right at the release that they included a small FAQ that says this wouldn't be ready yet and still TBD when
    - The app user interface is very difficult to work with. Making new workouts is clunky, especially when you want to do interval training - there's no easy way to include multiple rounds.
    - A bigger app interface issue is that once you create a workout there is no way to edit it. So if you picked the wrong exercise accidentally on a 10-round workout, now you have to delete the whole workout and create it from scratch. That's an unnecessarily wasted 10 minutes to redo it.
    - The freestyle mode does not distinguish from different exercises very well. It also doesn't do "breaks" very well. For example if I'm trying to do 50 pushups, and I start breaking breaks and only doing 2-3 reps at a time, it starts over and doesn't give you a cumulative number anymore. It assumes it's a new set.

    These are all solvable issues and I know they will get to it over time. That's why I gave it 3 stars instead of 2. But the reality is that I'm not using it right now because it's too limited in its functionality. I'll try using it again once some of these software improvements are made.


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    2.0 out of 5 stars
    Atlas vs Gymwatch, January 26, 2016

    This review is from: Atlas Wearables Wristband (Wireless Phone Accessory)

    Atlas Wearable vs Gymwatch

    I have been weightlifting for a good 15yrs now and i’m tech nerd so naturally I love idea of incorporating technology into my workouts. I have tried few of the fitness trackers like MS Band, Fitbit surge, etc and while it was better than nothing they didn't really cater to weight lifting as much as running or biking. MS Band2 is pretty good though and still my best recommendation for overall fitness band.
    However when I saw Atlaswearable watch announced I was super pumped to get it and couldn’t wait for the release. I got my hands on it right away and complete disappointment. It only tracks limited exercises, for my routines it only tracking about 25% of the lifts i do, which basically made this nothing more than heart rate monitor for me. Its very new product and Atlas claims to be adding more stuff to it and that's great to hear but fact remains at this present time this product is pretty lame for serious lifting, this is great for someone just starting out. I think this product will get better in the future but right now I give it 1 star for effort.
    -built in heart rate monitor (please note its optical which not as accurate as chest strap)
    -stand alone unit do not need to carry phone with you. (con kind of hard to navigate thru small screen)
    -Good support - US based company responds fast to questions
    -very limited exercise library (HUGE CON)
    -I also haven’t found a way to make it start/stop. I’d like to tell it when i’m about to do exercise because every movement Ii make it thinks it's workout, for example I did bench press, i sat up and reached for water and it thought i was doing chest fly.
    -stand alone unit - for me this is con because i’d rather use my phone vs trying to play with small tiny screen.
    -Longer learning curve took me a whole workout to get really figure it out.
    -It does feel kinda cheap this may be subjective though.
    -kind of pain to use, halfway through my workout not sure what i touched on screen but it ended my workout?? annoying i had to start over and then skip through what i had already done, this goes back to my earlier point that it's easier to navigate through phone than small screen.
    -no feedback you don't know how many reps you did till you finish, so if you are doing a lift that watch is facing out you won't know if it's counting or how many you did till you finish and look at it. woudl be nice if it gave you a small vibrate on every rep so you know it's counting.

    I never really heard of Gymwatch and in fact it so closely resembles pushband that i thought it was same thing. But after my atlas disappointment, while on the net reading on atlas I came across gymwatch and it seemed like what atlas was supposed to be so I ordered it. I must say its awesome!! hundreds of exercises my whole routine was in database and it worked flawlessly. It actually was helpful with advice it would call me out when i slacked haha.
    -lots of exercises
    -very easy to learn and get going
    -start/stop button very easy to tell it when you are about to perform a lift so drinking water or loosening up muscles won't confuse it.
    -control everything through phone - for me it's plus because i have my phone with me for music and so much easier to control and make changes with my phone.
    -Cheaper right now with promo it half the cost of atlas
    -Voice - it counts rep for you which i like, it will give advice to like partial rep or faster etc I like this feed back so I don't have to stare at my phone or wrist to see where my count is (you can turn off voice if you want)
    -German based company responses can be a little slow
    -The velcro strap is a little uncomfortable and I wish it was some sort of rubber material as this will get sweaty and gross pretty fast.
    -NO heart rate tracking - I wish it could connect with my chest strap sensor.
    -Requires phone with you to use - for some this can be big con if you don't carry phone to gym with you.
    -I’ve had app crash on me once or twice and when you restart it you can't just start your workout midway you need to start from beginning which is annoying.

    In summary after testing both devices I without a doubt recommend gymwatch it's really no contest at this point. I feel like Atlas basically released a car with 3 wheels and are promising the 4th wheel is coming. Judging by the plummeting prices and increasing number on ebay seems like I’m not only one unsatisfied. Anyways this is my review, I will update when i have time especially once Atlas releases their big update that's coming I will see how they stack up. But for now my atlas sits collecting dusts and gymwatch is my new workout partner, and honestly I can't imagine what atlas can do that would make me switch but i will give it...

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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    The Atlas Wristband - It Actually Does What It Claims to Do!, December 12, 2015
    Offlix (Los Angeles, Ca) -

    This review is from: Atlas Wearables Wristband (Wireless Phone Accessory)

    Customer Video Review Length:: 1:57 Mins

    I was an early funder of this device since it first launched on Indiegogo and I received my device very early. I've had it for nearly two months now. Due to a busy work schedule I wasn't able to test and use the device as much as I've wanted to. For a point of reference, I have owned three other crowdfunded workout devices that include the Amiigo Wristband and the Gymwatch Sensor GYMWATCH® Sensor - The Ultimate Fitness-Tracker and Body-Transformer Rolled Into One (Made in Germany).

    The device claims to track your workout routine and heart rate and it does an excellent job of doing just that. If you do ten situps you can rest assured that the Atlas will count all ten of them. It does just as well with free weight equipment such as dumbbells and barbells. The device gives to the ability to confirm your workout details after each set and add the weight lifted. I was very impressed that it could actually recognize the exercises that I was performing. It does have some limitations due to the onboard memory. It doesn't have every exercise loaded on the device, so you will have to choose on the app which exercises you are going to do that day.

    The app is available on iOS and Android and offers you the ability to sync with the device to see your workout data and select personal trainer curated workout routines if you want to start a specialized program. The app also gives you the ability to set up your own routines and modify them when needed.

    This device would be great for someone who is just getting back into working out or that family member or pal who made a New Year's resolution to get in shape. I am not 100% convinced that a hardcore gym rat would need this device or want to stop and swipe across screens in between sets, but this would be a good option if they like to log each workout.

    New features are rolling out in the future, so I assume that this device will only get better. I hear that they will be rolling out form and stability scores in a future app release.

    Atlas Wearables allows you to connect your app to the Atlas servers to upload your data to make the device more accurate and assist their Motion Genome Project in improving exercise detection.

    I like this device so far, but I am a little lazy and don't like prompts and I don't love to enter anything manually. I also wish that the device would sync to the device in real-time to allow me to Google Cast or AirPlay my app to my television screen to see real-time performance data.

    The Atlas team is off to a great start and it is cool to receive a product that does what it claims to do. Don't get me wrong...this device could use some improvements along the way, but the improvements needed are things that can realistically be taken care of via firmware updates.


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