Attractive Wearable Technology for Women

Wearable technology is a trend that has been decades in the making. Reputable designers are jumping on board with this trend and making today's wearable tech not only functional, but also fashionable. Here are five examples of wearable tech that you could be proud to wear.

1.    Digital Display Stilettos

Watch out Jimmy Choo, plain black stilettos may soon be a thing of the past. Digital display stilettos by E-Ink offer pattern-changing properties so your pumps can continually coordinate with your outfit through any wardrobe change. The displays can be browsed, chosen and even modified directly from the wearer's mobile phone, which makes this futuristic high heel incredibly easy to use.

2.    Sun-Blocking Contact Lenses

Marietta Vision's sports contact lenses provide the wearer with a functional and attractive alternative to wearing sunglasses. Colorful and high-tech, the sport contact lenses are tinted to provide the same level of UV protection that wearing a pair of sunglasses would. They are available in prescription or regular varieties and can be purchased in varying sizes that cover just the pupil of your eye or your entire iris.

3.    Jewelry Tracking Devices

CuffLink is a San Francisco-based company on a mission to help keep its wearers stylishly safe. Cufflink jewelry is designed to discreetly alert a specific contact or group of your location if ever you find yourself in an emergency and unable to call for help. The wearable tech has a black tracker that appears to be Onyx and can be changed between various jewelry pieces including cuffs, necklaces, keychains and even more. The tracking device is only compatible with Apple products currently, but CuffLink has announced plans to expand their line compatibility to Android in the near future.

4.    The Omate Lutetia Smartwatch for Women

The Omate Lutetia is a beautiful, sleek smartwatch that proves just how sexy technology can be. The smartwatch uses Bluetooth to provide notification of emails, text messages, phone calls and even social network updates. The watch is compatible with both iPhone and Android.

5.    Emotive Rings

The emotive jewelry created by MoodMetric is so much more than the mood rings of yesteryear. The jewelry is designed to discreetly and accurately track your emotions. MoodMetric designed its products with a goal of promoting happiness. The attractive rings contain skin sensors that receive signals from your autonomous nervous system to track your emotional reactions. It connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and the accompanying app provides you with relaxation tips and techniques.

With so many new tech products being made specifically with women in mind, the look of wearable technology is changing. It is safe to say that wearable technology is here to stay, and if you are a woman that is ready to dive in and invest in fashion that can improve your quality of life, now is your moment!

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