Best Tech Deals Of The Week | 02-23-2016

Best Tech Deals Of The Week | 02-23-2016

Checking out the best tech deals of the week! ►Links Below◄

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Asus 23" IPS Monitor:
EVGA 430W Power Supply:
Sapphire R9 380 GPU:

LG 34" Ultrawide Monitor:
Seagate 2TB External Hard drive:
EVGA 500W Power Supply:
MSI Z170-A Pro Motherboard:
LG 19.5" Monitor:
Acer 23" Monitor:
QNIX 144Hz Monitor:
Corsair H60 CPU Cooler:
Mac Pro 12 Core:
Apple 4k Display:
Dell 27" Monitor:
Samsung Galaxy Tab S2:
Thermaltake Suppressor Case:
Infamous: Second Son:
Mad Max - Xbox One:
Elder Scrolls III:
♦Full Gear List:
♦Epic Office/Desk Tours:
♦Budget Filming/Youtube Gear:
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  1. I have a budget of 3,000, can you please build me white or red themed pc, peripherals not included, 3,000 just for the pc

  2. OOO Ed You Hitted 500K Subs ! Are They Going To Give You The "GOLDEN SUB BUTTON" ? I Wish That We Can See That Days. M Realy Exited When I Saw That.
    I Was Just Like "WHOOAAAAAAA OMG WHATTAA ** " İ Realy Like Your Vids And Of Course You. Keep Going. :))

  3. I like how you reach out to your viewers and all but how about like one great deal for Canadians too cause our dollar is less and stuff costs less in the States so the prices are not compatible

  4. ''We don't have many UK deals this week, But either way some pretty good deals''
    ''Starting off with some UK deals''

  5. hi guys ik that you see this type of comment everywhere but  hopefully you guys can check out my chaneel I do tech videos ans stuff more coming on the way thanks :)

  6. Anyone know any decent cameras for under 150? I want to get one to progress my channel, and I saw a Canon SX400 for $100. Any recommendations?

  7. 80 000 for en mac?!?! Wtf!!! Da hadde jeg heller bygd meg en op pc med 2-3 op skjermer, og op gamingutstyr!!!!

  8. Can you make a video making like the best setup with 100$ , like the desktable , the computer build , and the periferics ? :)

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