Misfit Wearables Flash - Fitness and Sleep Monitor (Black)

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    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Misfit = Hit-or-Miss!, October 17, 2014
    Christopher L. Battle (Radford,VA) -

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    This review is from: Misfit Wearables Flash - Fitness and Sleep Monitor (Black) (Electronics)
    Disclaimer: I am using this device with iPhone 6 Plus running iOS 8.4 Will update review as I use Flash more.
    ** This review has been updated on 06/04/15 to reflect the latest updates to the Misfit app on iOS **

    The Good

    iPhone app is very intuitive
    Sleep tracking feature(Beta) is automatic
    Offers both a sport wristband and a belt clip in the box
    Charge lasts 6 months before you need to buy a new cheap watch battery
    Well designed app
    Sleekly designed product
    So comfortable you can forget it's there
    LED dots display readout of your progress
    Uses Bluetooth LE
    Water-proof to 30 meters
    Design allows it to be worn in a unique variety of places
    Sport-band easily adjustable to fit any size wrist
    Activity Tracking(Beta) is easy to use
    Integrates with MyFitnessPal
    You can now use the Flash button for some Smart tasks such as sending a YO using the button, and starting Spotify playlists

    The Bad

    The Misfit app doesn't sync in real-time
    LED time display can be difficult to understand
    Sleep Tracker feature(Beta) only works if you sleep at night(I work graveyard shift)
    There is no indication you have seated the tracker in the band
    The Android app is not up-to-par with the iOS version visually
    Misfit doesn't sell replacement bands, yet the Sport band always breaks

    The Ugly

    I have never before seen an app get worse with each update
    My tracker has been malfunctioning lately for no reason, it randomly turns off frequently during the day

    Recommendation: I would recommend the Misfit Flash to anyone wanting an entry-level fitness tracker on a budget, and is EXTREMELY patient because the app and the tracker itself can be very hit-or-miss. Its more expensive predecessor was excellent and this tracker has the same features with a better price-point. If your fine with plastic this may be the fitness tracker for you.


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    2.0 out of 5 stars
    Love the device, hate the quality, January 12, 2015
    Jason (Folsom, CA United States) -

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    I bought this for my wife as a Christmas present. She wanted a fitness tracker and this one had all the right features and looked pretty cool too. It had the bonus of being able to go into the wrist strap or the clip (she clips it on her shoe for accuracy while walking). At first she was over the moon with it. She loved the features, loved the app, and was having fun making sure she got her steps in every day.

    Then, after a few days, she was walking through our living room and we heard a "snap" and it fell off her wrist. The wristband had snapped and let the flash fall out. She picked up the flash and it was dead. Thinking it was a freak thing, we had it replaced (yay Amazon!) and she was happy again.

    But then today she came to me and showed me that the new band had cracked too (see photo). This time it didn't come off her wrist so the flash itself still works, but the wristband is now useless.

    I emailed the company after the first band broke (and I couldn't find any replacement bands for the flash online) but never received a response. That was disappointing.

    So, it's going back. The idea of a "fitness tracker" being so fragile seems strange to me. These devices are designed to be worn while working out, yet even with very light use the cheap wristband snaps, and if you're unlucky the flash falls to the floor and stops working. A cheap children's watch is made of sturdier stuff!

    We're going to look for something that can actually last for more than a few days.

    So while we initially loved the device, we're now disappointed all around. Poor quality, poor durability, and no customer service to speak of.


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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Happy with the Flash so Far, October 30, 2014
    magi (SF Bay Area, CA) -

    This review is from: Misfit Wearables Flash - Fitness and Sleep Monitor (Black) (Electronics)
    I ordered a Flash direct from Misfit and have had it for about two weeks now. I actually came to Amazon considering ordering another for my son and saw some negative reviews and wanted to give my own impressions. I've been active in fitness for over five years now and I am primarily a runner that does 20 to 50 km a week, as well as other activities like swimming, indoor rowing, and gymnastics. I use a Garmin device to track my running but wanted a 24/7 activity tracker as I am originally from California and now in the midwest, and with winters to deal with want to have something to make sure I am active on cold days.

    For swimming, my Flash has handled about five sessions from 15 mins to 30 mins doing freestyle laps with no problems. Additionally, I've worn in showering and the waterproofing on my device has been fine. Other reviewers have had problems from what I read here at this time (October 2014) and my guess is they had either unfortunate luck or were swimming at depths not supported by the device -- unlike the Shine, the Flash is only 3 ATM instead of 5 ATM.

    Bad units would not be a problem if Misfit's support stepped up to replace defective devices, and it seems "Mike" who has responded to some people here offers to do that. Misfit could be better at showing their support -- I used feedback at misfit dot com when I wanted to give some suggestions to their iOS application, which got me an immediate "we got your mail" response, and then silence for several, several days. My email didn't have a problem that needed a solution; just feedback on a few minor areas that I felt needed improvement. I did get a response that started with an apology that it took so long to reply as apparently Misfit's email system had some problems.

    Given my experience, I'd recommend the Flash with a few caveats. The sports band and clip that come with it look and feel a bit cheaper than i'd expected from the promotional photos on Misfit's site. It's all functional and from a distance the watch looks fine; it's when one is close up that it might look a bit cheap. However, it handles sweat and water fine, and I expect eventually there will be higher end accessories for the Flash as there is for the Shine.

    Speaking of the Shine, despite being cheaper the Flash has a few advantages.

    First, the Shine requires tapping to show info or invoke activity mode, and while I have not experienced that myself, I have read others reporting that tapping doesn't always register with the Shine, so you might have to try multiple times to turn on activity mode, for example. The Flash, on the other hand, has a hidden button, so to get info you press down once and it always works. To start activity mode (set to swimming for me), you press and hold for a second, and that has always worked for me too.

    Second, I've read reports of the Shine coming loose from the watch band, but the Flash is shaped differently and comes in from the bottom, so from what I can tell at this early stage, I'm not concerned about the tracker escaping from the band. However, this means the Flash will not work with any of the Shine accessories, so if you like the Bloom necklace, for example, you'll have to wait to see if Misfit offers a similar device for the Flash.

    Third, at $49, this is half of what was asked for the Shine, and offers all the same software features, most of the hardware features (with the 3 ATM vs. 5 ATM waterproofing the main difference), and some hardware enhancements (press button vs. tapping).


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