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Twitter for Your Wrist -- 5 Awesome Social Media Apps Now Available for Android Wear

Are you active on Twitter? Do you tweet, favourite, and retweet content to build your brand's reputation and hopefully generate sales? You might be intrigued to discover that there are now numerous Twitter apps available for wearable devices.  If you like the idea of combining the #socialmedia and #wearables hashtags in the tweets you send, dive into the following five Twitter apps for Android Wear devices:

Tweets on Wear

Offered by Tower Labs, the Tweets on Wear app lets you view up to 50 tweets on your wearable device. You can mark tweets as favourites and retweet posts, too. Simply swipe your finger across your wearable device and enjoy social media on your wrist.

Twitter for Android Wear  
Available from SaulM, the Twitter for Android Wear app lets you view and interact with tweets on your wrist wearable. This application works on devices with Android version 4.3 and up.

Tweetings for Twitter  
Offered by RBD Solutions, the Tweetings for Twitter app for Android Wear lets you reply to tweets and compose tweets on your wearable device. You can view your Twitter timeline, retweet images, or favourite videos your 'tweeps' are sharing.


Available from Sebastian Mauer, the Bunting app lets you tweet voice messages. No more worrying about typing on a tiny wrist device; simply speak your tweet and send! This application currently is not available for Moto360 wearable devices.


Offered by Viktor Adam, the TweetWear Android Wear app lets you create and post new messages to Twitter, reply to tweets via voice messages, and mark messages as favourites. You can retweet messages and save links to be viewed at a later time.

These are just five of numerous social media Android Wear apps that are now available. Whether you fancy yourself a modern day Dick Tracy or you just like the fascination factor of tweeting from your wrist, paying attention to social media apps in the wearables space is highly recommended. Do you think your business associates would be intrigued if you start interacting on Twitter via your wrist wearable?

Featured photo credit: TechStage via / CC BY-ND

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