Wearable Tech and Your Health – Toward a Healthier and More Secure Future

Wearable Tech and Your Health - Toward a Healthier and More Secure Future
If you are of a certain age, you may remember a small science fiction show called Star Trek. Now that the future is finally here, many of the devices featured in that iconic TV program are now available to the general public. If you have ever stared at your smartphone and thought it bore more than a passing resemblance to the Star Trek communicator, you are not alone.
But Star Trek also featured futuristic medical devices, including a so-called tricorder that could instantly diagnose any illness and recommend an effective treatment. We may not be there yet, but there are a number of health-related wearables already on the market. Even more exciting, many more devices are currently undergoing research and testing, so that long sought after Star Trek tricorder may be closer than you think.
The 2016 version of the Consumer Electronics Show featured some of the most exciting health tech on the market, including the smart and capable Omron. With its bulky design, the Omron is not exactly a fashion piece, but it is an excellent fitness tracker with a host of features for everyone from the fitness enthusiast to the weekend warrior.
The Omron can deliver clinically accurate blood pressure readings with the touch of a button, making it the perfect choice for patients with chronic health conditions. Wearers can also use the Omron to monitor their sleep, track their steps, check calories burned and improve overall fitness.
For those with eye problems, the RightEye debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show could be a godsend. This is no mere toy, and it is a big improvement over other previous devices.
The RightEye can do much more than monitor visual acuity. These specialized goggles can also detect early warning signs of a concussion or other serious head trauma. One can see coaches keeping a pair on hand to check the condition of their athletes and make sure they get the help they need both on and off the field.
The ReSound does for hearing problems what the RightEye does for head trauma and vision issues. The aptly named ReSound was also a big hit at the CES, and it builds on the hearing aids of the past while pointing the way to the future.
In short, the ReSound is a line of smart hearing aids and related accessories to treat men and women with hearing loss. Whether that hearing loss is mild and inconvenient or severe and life changing, the ReSound line can help.
This second generation hearing aid allows individuals to control their hearing through a simple iPhone app. By connecting to the app, the ReSound devices allow those suffering from hearing deficits to adjust the volume, change bass and treble settings and create a custom sound environment just for them.
The future of wearable tech is a bright one, and not just for tech geeks and early adopters. Even if you have no interest in the new Apple watch, you may be able to benefit greatly from the new line of wearables. From help with vision problems and hearing loss to the ability to count your steps and track your calorie consumption, the worlds of health and tech have combined to provide you - and your loved ones - with a host of new benefits.

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