Wearable Tech is Enhancing Our Lives with Rapid Growth

Nowadays, wearable tech is one of the most popular words in public. To some extent, wearable tech stands for fashion, cool, and difference. The wearable tech is on the fast track with growth, and the shipments rise enormously.

Wearable tech includes products that are worn on an individual's body for extended periods of time, significantly enhancing the user experience via features. It provides a range of benefits to users, from informing and entertaining, to monitoring health, to improving fitness, to enhancing military and industry applications. The increasing adoption of such technically advanced products among youth coupled with increasing demand for real time and actionable data will fuel the growth of the wearable tech market.

With Google Glasses and Samsung's Galaxy Gear were out of the bag and came to public, the race is officially on for the wearable tech market. Other tech giants like Apple, Qualcomm and possibly LG are next on the list to develop their own wearable gadgets. All of the big companies are rolling out wearable devices that alert users to sleep habits and calorie counts as well as send notifications for emails, phone calls and text messages.

Although, only parts of people actually use wearable tech, most of them say they have had their lives enhanced in one way or another by wearable technology. Also many people say that wearable tech has helped them to take control in their lives. For instance, bracelets that keep track of activities or apps that track calorie intake are already having an effect on their lives. Some people feel the wearable tech has improved their self-confidence, career development and health at some level. Wearable tech really helps enhance our lives including tracking our time, our fitness regimes, our health, and our daily routines.

There are various growth forecasts for the wearable computing market, explore the products and prospects of each component market -- including bracelets, smart watches, and eyewear, pocket-sized and clip-on devices, and examine the various barriers to entry for each. However, factors including high price and lack of consumer awareness are expected to hinder the market growth. Anyway, wearable tech has great potential market. Once the industries and manufacturers have resolved the existed problems including battery life, size, design, and value, the future prospect of wearable tech is cheerful, and the trend will speed up. And we will be awareness of the importance of wearable tech which is enhancing our lives.

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