Wearables for Healthy Living - 5 Awesome Health and Fitness Apps for Wearables Users

Is this the year you integrate a wearable tracking device into your health and fitness plan? Are you looking forward to using your wearable device to stay on track, yet find yourself wondering what sort of fitness apps are available for your fancy gadget? Luckily for today's fitness enthusiasts, there are more apps for wearables than ever before. Check out the following five health-and-fitness apps for wearable devices that just might help you enjoy your new high-tech gadget even more:

Wear Fitness Personal Trainer

Offered by Vimo Labs, the Wear Fitness Personal Trainer app lets you track your exercise activity while you are working out. Your wearable smartwatch can count your repetitions as you perform each exercise and can sync your data to your smartphone. This handy app even lets you create custom workout sequences on your smartwatch.

Wear Interval Timer

Available from AeusTech, the Wear Interval Timer app is an excellent fitness tool for a number of activities. Whether you are into CrossFit or boxing, this application lets you time your workouts on your watch. You can customize your workout tracking, change the look of your smartwatch's background screen to suit your workout, and pause your interval tracking in between exercises.

Fit Interval Timer for Wear

Offered by Kodeglam Mobile, the Fit Interval Timer app offers a variety of tracking options for fitness enthusiasts. You can track your efforts when you are running laps or monitor your yoga workouts to make sure you're exerting maximum effort on each stretch. You can set rest times between each exercise and track how long it takes you to complete each section of your workout.


Available from Oleksiy Martynov, the Speedometer app for Android Wear uses the GPS built into your smartwatch to track your distances while working out. Whether you're into biking, jogging, or long-distance running, this handy application can help you monitor the distances you travel during each workout. Your results can be affected by the strength of your smartwatch's GPS signal, so double-check your device's signal prior to exercising.

Lift iQ

Offered by Ennovative, the Lift iQ app is an excellent Android Wear app for weightlifters. This nifty download lets you track your weight-lifting exercises on your smartwatch. Paired with the Lift iQ app on your smartphone, this download lets you tap your totals on your watch and then sync your data to your phone. You can track everything from your barbell lifts to your bicep curls without having to take your smartphone out of your gym bag.

Downloading a variety of healthy-living apps can have a significant impact on how useful you find your wearable tracking device. By having a number of applications at your disposal, you'll never be bored when working out. Do you think you'll be adding any of the above-listed downloads to your wearable device?

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