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Watson Internet of Things

Until recently, the Internet of Things (IoT) was only a concept. However, with the growing number of internet capable devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops, security systems, houses and more), the concept of having your everyday devices connected to networks and the internet, sending and receiving data is now a reality.

Already we are seeing the results of smarter computing and the IoT.

What Is the Watson Internet of Things

IBM, one of the internet's first pioneers, has created one of the first ever IoT platforms. The IBM Watson IoT platform takes the emerging technology of cognitive computing and has connected it with the billions of network capable devices in the world.

With a focus on improving data capabilities, the Watson IoT platform works to seamlessly integrate and upgrade the complex process of connecting an unlimited number of devices with unlimited data sources.

By using cognitive computing technology, the IBM Watson IoT platform is taking the Internet of Things to the next level. Using this technology, organizations can now connect a wide array of devices, smart appliances, chips, applications and industry solutions together. In addition, with the incorporation of cloud based services and advanced analytics, this platform can provide advanced insights for innovations and transformations.

Doing Things the Watson IoT Way

It is undeniable that the Internet of Things is the future of technology, however, what is truly amazing is how many industries and businesses are already putting it to use. The Watson IoT platform offers virtually unlimited solutions for any industry.

The biggest solutions include:

  • The Platform – With the Watson IoT platform, any entity is now capable of benefiting from the power of a completely cloud-based platform for development and production. From creating their own analytics applications to mobile IoT apps, virtually any industry can use the IoT for their own benefit.
  • Asset Management – With the IoT powering industry, executives can take asset management to a whole new level. From implementing a corporate maintenance management strategy, performing predictive maintenance and maximizing resource scheduling to increasing output and reducing stock outs, IoT can be used to create an entirely new level of efficiency.
  • Facilities Management – The facilities management capabilities of IoT has a wide variety of applications. From incorporating a wide range of real estate strategies to facilities analysis, planning, lease accounting and protective maintenance, the big data analytics of IoT can help incorporate next-generation opportunities.
  • Continuous Engineering – When it comes to engineering, Watson IoT offers a vast array of opportunities for product developers. With continuous engineering solutions, systems and embedded software developers can easily keep up with the continuously evolving devices that make up the Internet of things.
  • IoT for Electronics – With the growing demand for connected, intelligent devices, IoT offers the capability to capitalize on this trend using data-driven insight that can virtually transform customer experiences.
  • IoT for Automotive - The sophisticated analytics of IoT allows for a wealth of solutions in the automotive industry. From supply chain efficiency to smart, connected cars, innovative developers can bring forth a wide variety of new services and products.

The Future is Now

Innovative companies have already started using the power of IoT to transform their businesses and industries.

SilverHook Powerboats

Using the power of Watson IoT within Bluemix, SilverHook Powerboats is ensuring the quality and endurance of their products with their own real-time telematics platform. This allows them to run complex diagnostic analytics in real time while their racing votes are traveling at speeds of 140 mph.

Sogeti High Tech

With a focus on connectable sensors, Sogeti High Tech is working to build better smart building solutions. They have created a versatile and innovative generic engine that is designed to process and manage sensor data, events and services.


Driving innovation and smart buildings, KONE is using Watson IoT as a means of connecting, remotely monitoring and managing millions of doors, escalators, elevators, and turnstiles across the world. With the vast amount of big data gathered by sensors embedded in equipment, they are using IoT to minimize downtime, predict and identify issues, and personalize the user experience of those they serve.

How to Use Watson IoT

The applications of the Watson IoT platform are practically limitless, as you can imagine from the benefits and features that are incorporated into the technology. For example, the Raspberry Pi (a capable computer that allows people of all ages to explore, and learn computing and programming) can now be connected to the Watson IoT platform.

The Raspberry Pi can be connected as a Gateway to the Watson IoT platform or as a managed device. With the IoT cognitive computing capabilities combined with the programming capabilities of the Raspberry Pi, this utilization of the Watson IoT can provide inventors with novel customer experiences, deep industry disruptions and new operational efficiencies.


With virtually limitless applications, the IBM Watson IoT platform allows any industry, entity or innovative entrepreneur to create their own IoT solutions. With an unlimited amount of solutions in platform development, asset management, facilities management, engineering, electronics and automotive industries, the smart, technology-filled world that was once only the dreams of science fiction writers is here.

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