Excellent Coding Resources for Wearables

Wearable devices are gaining popularity faster than ever before, and the number of devices and apps is exploding in variety to keep pace with demand. Wearable devices have expanded from their original niche of smart watches to include everything from smart jewelry to smart fashion even. In fact, wearables are so popular that Statista predicts the global wearables market should reach a value of $19 billion (USD) by 2018, which is ten times the value of five years prior.

For those with their own great idea for a wearable app, creating and coding that app or device can be daunting. Below you'll find a quick guide to some excellent coding resources for wearables, many of which are open source.

ARM mBed
The wearable reference designs from ARM mBed provides coders with an open-source option that facilitates rapid innovation in the wearables sector, with the bonus of providing its service on an energy-efficient platform that makes it easy to produce value-add features to your wearable app. This coding resource for wearables includes example codes, layouts, and hardware design resources that provide a collaborative environment for your startup.

Android Developers
The official Android website offers a video course on coding for wearables that helps you build apps and features that work with Android-powered devices. The service focuses on building apps for wearables, and offers sections on adding wearable feature to notifications, creating wearable apps, creating custom UIs, sending and syncing data, and even features such as location detection and speaker interactions.

Most individuals employed in coding and other IT fields are familiar with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and it should come as no surprise that MIT offers coding resources for wearables. MIT offers downloadable forms (PDF) that offer lectures on circuits and codes and creating a wearable, with each downloadable as a PDF. You'll also find two interactive activities that help you figure out how to build and test a wearable circuit, and then learn how to program a wearable circuit. All of this is available as part of the MIT Open Courseware program.

Again focused on the Android environment, TestDroid offers an overview on how coding specialists can build and test new apps and programs for wearables. This open coding resource for wearables even connects you with a program to test your apps and features on a smartwatch before releasing it. Learn more about this open resource on the TestDroid site.

Apple iOS App Development
Start Developing iOS Apps is a general launching pad for developing any app that will be offered on iOS devices. It offers the perfect starting point for building apps that run smoothly on iPhones and iPads, and provides an overview on the tools, major concepts, and best practices that make it easier to take your wearable app or function from concept to reality.

Finally, there is Treehouse. This platform offers educational courses and coding resources for wearables that range from beginner courses to proficient programming that aim to simplify the process. There is a monthly subscription fee for complete access to all the courses, but it does include a course on general iOS app development.

If you have a great idea for a new wearable app or device, the coding resources for wearables mentioned above offer a great starting point that help you in your endeavor.

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