FinTech APIs - Must-Discover Tools for Your Developer's Resource List

If part of your programming business involves creating apps for financial technology companies, it makes good business sense to monitor new APIs for the #FinTech sector. From cryptocurrency APIs to growth traction APIs, there are an ever-increasing number of intriguing interfaces available to developers. Check out the following round up of #FinTech APIs to see if you discover any you can integrate into your programming business:

Kimono SEC

The Kimono SEC API lets programmers incorporate SEC EDGAR data into their applications. From private company SEC filings to financial forms from the Securities and Exchange Commission, you can integrate them all via this helpful API from Kimono Labs.


The VentureFund API lets developers track mobile app data so they can highlight their progress to potential investors. Monitor everything from time-in-app to download rates and share this data with angel investors and venture capitalists. If you are building web or mobile apps for startup companies, this API is worth bringing to their attention.


If you want to integrate digital currencies into your applications, the ShapeShift API is worth discovering. Use this API to complete cryptocurrency transactions, request receipts for your transactions, or obtain a list of supported cryptocurrencies.

These are just three of numerous interesting APIs available to developers looking for financial technology interfaces. Maintaining an awareness of new APIs is an excellent way to keep up on the latest developer trends and boost your developer's repertoire. How many of the above-listed interfaces will you be adding to your programmer's resource list?

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