Machine Learning + Robotics: Match Made in Heaven or Fear the Future?

Are you a programmer looking for new technologies to integrate into your code? Or are you a tech enthusiast wanting to explore futuristic technologies to satiate your desire for all things geeky? An intoxicating area to explore is the combination of machine learning technology and robotics. Entrepreneurs are building companies utilizing both of these technologies in a variety of ways. Check out the following machine learning robotic ventures for an intriguing peek into the future.


Based out of Berkeley, CA, Pepper offers a number of intriguing software and hardware modules. From EEG-enabled headsets with machine learning technology to facial recognition software for social networks, there are a variety of innovative options at your disposal. From virtual reality games controlled by brainwaves to brain activity data stored in the cloud, Pepper is at the forefront of an array of technological advances.

Quorum Robotics

Quorum offers an artificial intelligence interface that can be used in a variety of ways. Whether you want to integrate artificial intelligence into your IoT device or you want to incorporate machine learning into your robotic device's movements, you can do so thanks to Quorum's Engram interface.

Infinium Robotics

Infinium Robotics is combining drone technology with machine learning to power smart unmanned aerial vehicles for the service industry. From flying robots used to serve food and drinks in restaurants to UAVs for industrial site inspections, Infinium sees a number of intriguing applications for their intelligent robotic devices.

Building Robotics

Building Robotics' Comfy system integrates machine learning technology into your company's heating and cooling system. Users can adjust the temperature in their office via their tablet or smartphone and the Comfy system learns user preferences over time to automatically adjust temperatures.

The above-listed companies are just a small sampling of the exciting ways entrepreneurs are combining machine learning with robotic technology. Rather than fear the potential of intelligent robots taking over humankind, it is intriguing to explore the numerous ways these technologies can combine for business purposes. Whether you are looking for new APIs and futuristic capabilities to integrate into your software code, or you want to explore the future of drones and robots, discovering the many possibilities of machine learning technology is an enticing information quest you're not likely to regret.

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