What Are the Best Wearables for Your Pet?

What are the Best Wearables for your Pet?


Your dog or cat may not need a smartphone or smart watch, but that doesn't mean there aren't manufacturers out there dreaming up wearables for pets. One glance through any pet owner's social media account tells you how much they love their animals, and now there are wearables for pets on the market that do everything from keep your pet in the yard and track them via GPS to giving them the power to snap selfies.
Homeowners rejoiced in the 1990s when developers came up with invisible fencing to keep dogs in the yard. Rather than spending thousands on a new fence, you could install an invisible fence for a few hundred dollars. DogTelligent is the next step, offering a connected dog collar that track's your dog using GPS. It also boasts a virtual fence and leash technology that keeps your pet in the yard using integrated ultrasound and vibration commands to assist in training.
If you thought that was the end of the innovation, think again. DogTelligent comes with micro speakers so you can talk to your dog from anywhere, LED lights that light up and flash at night, and with the companion app you can also store data from vet visits.
You wear heartrate monitors and smart watches to track your fitness and health, so why not offer your four-legged friends the same? PetPace works on any dog or cat over 8 lbs., and provides comprehensive health monitoring. What all does it cover? Well, PetPace can track vital information such as your pet's temperature, pulse, respiration, activity, and calories burned. This wearable for pets takes fitness trackers to the next level.
Cat lovers rejoice! Rather than sharing random videos of someone else's cat from YouTube, you can now view and share snippets of your own pet's day! OK, to be fair this is for any pet, not just cats. PawsCam is a small motion-activated camera inside a device that clips to your pet's collar. When it senses motion, it captures a six-second video that it sends to the cloud via Wi-Fi. The companion app, available only on iOS, stores the videos, which can also be viewed via the web for Android users. PawsCam is new as of January 2016, so at this moment it's only available via the PawsCam Facebook page.
It was only a matter of time before a society engulfed in smartphone apps and integration found a way for pets to take selfies. The most cutting-edge wearable for pets out there at the moment is PetBot. Highlighted by Wareable, the PetBot doesn't actually allow your pet to take selfies. What it does use is a Wi-Fi enabled camera that sends notifications to your smartphone when your dog or cat is active around the house.
You can set it by your treat dispenser to detect their movements during the day and train from a distance, or simply use it to keep an eye on your four-legged friends while you're at the office during the day.
Wearables for pets has the same growth potential as the surging wearables niche for people. Pet owners care for their animals like children, and the wearables industry is taking notice with smart designs and affordable pricing that lets pet owners keep a closer eye on their best friends.

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