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Why Should the Newbie Developers Target Python?

Just graduating from technical school and getting ready to hit the real world as a developer is a great feeling. The computing world is your oyster and you are ready to pick out the pearls. Developers of all types are in high demand, and you know you can fetch an excellent wage even at entry level. But, is that the way you should go? What if you could learn one more programming language that would not only strengthen your portfolio but also open up a whole new world of development job possibilities where you work your way up much faster? Because there are those possibilities, and Python is that programming language.

Python is easy to learn, especially for those who are already in the software and website developing field. Taking an online course where you work on real world projects using Python will add valuable pieces to your growing portfolio in a language that is in high demand. As a Python coder you will have more control over the organization of your code and it will give you better management of data. You will note that this leads to a ease of use when using multiple versions of shared data. There is really no going wrong by picking up this programming language.

Accelerate your growth prospects by targeting a language that is rated as one of the most popular and in demand programming languages. Python developers are in demand by large corporations because of the strength of this open source language. For instance, it makes it easy to develop Web services for large companies because of its ability to integrate other languages like C++ and JavaScript directly. Basically, Python plays well with web technologies -- along with many others. Learning it will give you the upper hand in working on these technologies, giving you many opportunities to advance quickly in the world of development.

It's a fact, Python is the most rapidly growing open source programming language.  And Google uses it. It seriously is one of Google's preferred languages. Other big companies use Python as well, like Yahoo!, Disney, Nokia and IBM. On the Web side of programming, Python is the coding language behind the framework Django. This framework is the foundation of Pinterest, Instagram, Bit Bucket and more. When you learn Python, you open yourself up to being available to code for some really great companies.

Plain and simple, Python programmers make good money. Learning Python will not only help you show growth in your coding skills, but it will also make a larger bulge in your wallet. In a New York City, Python developers rank in the top ten of the most in demand tech workers which translates into an average six-figure income across the U.S.  What's more, there is no end in sight as the demand for Python programmers is currently growing.

Keep all of this in mind when you are making choices in the field of software and website development. There really is only one way to go these days when you are a new developer, and that is up! Get there faster by targeting Python.

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