How To Get Into Augmented Reality Business

In the present time, augmented reality is considered to be one of the hottest trends where the real and virtual world is mingled through overlaying digital data from the perspective of analogue views of this real world. The concept behind this technological advancement is pretty simple where you need to superimpose physical world with developing cool graphics in order to occupy same space like you. Seeing the vast opportunities for developing the augmented reality apps, if you become interested in learning coding for AR apps, you need to know the basics of image processing whether for mobile based AP or PC/laptop based AR. Here lies the great feature where anyone with a laptop or mobile phone with the built-in video competence can augment and expand their reality through easy-to-use applications.

If you are also interested with the trending of AR app, keep on reading to know the best resources in this field.

Reliable Tools of Augmented Reality

While you want to try out AR in the educational field, it is better to start those applications that already have the AR content as build-in the mobile apps. You may try apps such as AR Flashcards, Crayola Color Alive and PBS Kids CyberChase Shape Quest where you will get enough space for your feet.

  • However, while learning to code one of the best AR platforms is¬†DAQRI where the 4D Studio allows you to make your own augmented reality campaign without any prior coding knowledge.
  • Another AR platform is Aurasma where you can develop AR using mobile application as well as online Aurasma Studio.
  • One of the most popular online tools for creating AR content is Metaio SDK where it has its own AR scripting language. It supports 2D image, 3D objects, SLAM, location tracking, QR code scanning, barcode and gesture detection.
  • If you are looking for an easy to use drag and drop format free online AR platform, Layar¬†Creator can be just apt for you.
  • Another easily accessible Augmented Reality platform is Onvert where you are not required for learning to code or programming language where any QR app is able to read the Onvert tag.

Best Augmented Reality Websites

Here are some great resourced websites where you can gain real time experience of augmented reality.

  • Rated as the top Augmented reality site, Active Media Innovations (AMI) is immensely popular due to its innovation and simplicity.
  • Using flash, Augmented Reality Demos works on many projects where you can get to know about two of their demo projects as well.
  • If you are looking for some reliable tutorials, one of the good resources is Instructables where you can learn creating your own augmented reality step by step.

Popular Augmented Reality Books

There may be various augmented reality books focusing on the cutting-edge technologies coverage of mobile apps, desktop, security, developers, programming and gaming. Among them, some of the valuable resources are-

  • Augmented Reality: An Emerging Technologies Guide to AR
  • Augmented Reality: A Practical Guide

These are important resources for the beginning focusing on how the technology works and providing demos to work your own.

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