Smart Garden Automation Ideas

With homes, cars and electronics in general becoming smarter, it is easier than ever to make any aspect of your life smarter – including gardening. In fact, there are a number of innovative smart garden automation hacks that you can easily implement to make your garden run and water itself more efficiently.

1. Faucet Timer + Watering System

One of the most simple smart garden automation hacks consists of setting up a timer-controlled watering system. This system is highly versatile as you can build it to your own, exact requirements, and as small or as elaborate as you need.

At the most basic level, this type of system can be controlled using a hose timer, which is a single piece that connects to your water source and controls the water flow mechanically based on the timer settings. When connected to sprinklers or a watering system, it regulates the timely watering of your flowerbeds, garden, trees and more.

The best part is that you can easily pick up a garden hose timer, and the hoses or sprinklers you want at any Home Depot or local garden store.

2. Irrigation System

Setting up an irrigation system is a great choice for those who are looking to reduce their water usage and create a more eco-friendly watering system. There are several options for irrigation systems, such as using a stream or natural water source, collecting rainwater or using your home’s greywater waste.

In fact, it is much easier than you think to buy a irrigation system and add a hose timer to it, so you never have to worry about forgetting to water your lawn or garden again.

Here is a great irrigation starter kit that you can simply attach to your water source.

3. Smart Watering System

Putting together a state of the art smart watering system for your lawn, flower beds, shrubbery and garden is a great option for those who prefer all of the additional features, and for those who have several areas with different watering needs.

While being the most advanced system, a smart watering system is also the most expensive and can easily cost you a couple hundred just to get started. New smart systems feature up to the minute weather reporting, automatic watering schedule adjustment based on weather conditions, Android and iOS apps, customized plant advice based on current plant conditions and much more. After their initial set up, these systems can continually learn and pretty much run themselves.

Here is a rundown on the available systems and components that you could use to create your own smart watering system.


4. Smart Indoor Herb Gardens

Products like Click & Grow remove the element of uncertainty from your indoor herb garden through a combination of sensors and automation so you get herbs, fruits or flowers with minimal effort. Just plug it in, add water, and let the smart garden take care of the rest.

Make Your Garden Smarter

With all of the easy-to-install options for smarter garden, pretty much anyone can make their own natural paradise at an affordable price. That is not to mention, with the structure of watering systems, you can easily start small and grow your system as your needs do.

For instance, a simple faucet and timer watering system could later be extended to include ground moisture detectors and a smart gardening hub. It all depend on what your specific needs are. If you’re looking for smarter gardening without the full smart automation system, you can only purchase the components you need and set it up like you want. The possibilities are virtually endless.

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