In a society predicated by the rapid evolution of technology, each year brings with it increased reliance on modern innovations. As this overarching concept takes over even the most basic tasks in daily life it is vital to provide accessible and reliable source of  information to a wider audience.

JATDIY is blog dedicated to collect, summarize and create new HowTos and tutorials on coding education and technology with a focus on wearables, IoT and automation.

Why focus on wearables?

Wearable devices are gaining popularity faster than ever before, and the number of devices and apps is exploding in variety to keep pace with demand. Wearable devices have expanded from their original niche of smart watches to include everything from smart jewelry to smart fashion even. In fact, wearables are so popular that Statista predicts the global wearables market should reach a value of $19 billion (USD) by 2018, which is ten times the value of five years prior.

Why focus on coding education?

Programming is exciting, creative and empowering. Learning how to program however is a different story. Much like learning a natural language, it's a slow and tedious process that requires dedication, work and lots of time. It is relatively easy to acquire some rudimentary skills, but if you want to realize your dream project or even turn it into a career, you will have to keep studying and working diligently to make any headway. Naturally, this isn't always easy – there's bound to be quite a few bumps in the roads and oftentimes it will seem easier to just turn back than to press on forward. But that would be a shame, wouldn't it?

Why focus on automation?

Are you a programmer looking for new technologies to integrate into your code? Or are you a tech enthusiast wanting to explore futuristic technologies to satiate your desire for all things geeky? An intoxicating area to explore is the combination of machine learning technology and robotics, i.e. automation. Entrepreneurs are building companies utilizing both of these technologies in a variety of ways and these applications are already changing our world at a fast rate.