How To Get Into Augmented Reality Business

In the present time, augmented reality is considered to be one of the hottest trends where the real and virtual world is mingled through overlaying digital data from the perspective […]

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Getting Started with MongoDB and Big Data

MongoDB is an open-source, NoSQL "big data" database. MongoDB is free, so it's a popular tool among small company owners looking to scale their current database solution. As a developer, […]

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Smart House centralized control of lighting, heating, video, security energy of nature. Flat design vector illustration.

Amazon Echo for Your Home

The Amazon Echo is Amazon's first foray into the voice activated, smart home speaker system, with innovative features. It's practical, and accessible, and has already overtaken other manufacturers like Logitech, […]

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FinTech APIs - Must-Discover Tools for Your Developer's Resource List

If part of your programming business involves creating apps for financial technology companies, it makes good business sense to monitor new APIs for the #FinTech sector. From cryptocurrency APIs to […]

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